Introducing the ultimate puppy training
site for a perfect pooch

Puppers is free and aimed at first time puppy owners to help you get on track with training your new family member in a efficient, kind, simple and effective way.


As soon as your puppy arrives the clock is ticking to have a well rounded happy puppy


Learn how to manage situations so they do not develop into habitual bad habits

Junior Handling

Get the children involved in the puppy's care and training routine, for smiling faces and wagging tails

Quick Games

Five minute quick games that will boost your relationship and make training fun for everyone

Health Care

Beasties, bugs, dental care, vaccinations and diet are important aspects of your pup's care

Body Language

Reading your pup's body language, how to tell if they are happy, anxious, playful or worried

Loose Lead Walking

Puff, puff, pant, pant, about to burst a blood vessel and that is just you- never mind the dog at the end of the lead desperate to get there NOW!

Double Trouble

If you already have a dog then teach your puppy to be patient, take turns and have great impulse control, even with another dog around!

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