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Welcome to puppers, our aim for this site is a one-stop shop for training advice your new furry family member. We believe in using the most up to date, kind, efficient, and effective techniques in dog training. Protecting our dog’s confidence and their emotional wellbeing is vital if we want to get the very best out our pupper’s lives.

We decided to build this website as a kick start to puppy training. Training is so important, but more importantly we felt there was too little freely available information on how to use positive reinforcement techniques, ways to teach that does not involve physical or psychological intimidation. Our aim to promote not just great training but great relationships between people and their puppers.

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The website will be added to continuously, as we never stop learning and training keeps evolving. As we gain more knowledge- that will be shared here, so you can be sure of receiving the most up to date advice. Your information (email address) will only ever be used to contact you in relation to updates on our website, or articles that may interest you, your details will never be passed on to third parties, sold or otherwise abused.

Content Quality?

The information on this website is gained through years of knowledge. Tracy has worked as a veterinary nurse and has taken many training courses related to animal training and welfare, i.e Ian Dunbar’s Dog Training course, Edinburgh University- Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Duke University- Canine Cognition. Influences from Susan Garett, Emily Larlham, Grisha Stewart and other awesome dog trainers have shaped our understanding, but there is always more to learn and continuous education is essential.

Currently, we are working on Karolina Westlund’s Emotions course. Karolina has a PHD in Ethology and uses behavioural analysis and affective neuroscience in her development of her animal behavioural courses. Although this is not a dog training course in any shape mean or form, it provides vital information on the effects of emotion on behaviour and gives a great insite as to how we can change behaviour by dealing directly with the emotions behind the behaviour, this is vital for long term changes, particularly when you face problem behaviours.

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