Prevention is better than the Cure


There are many different steps you can take to head off problems before they start. Many of the puppy stage woes can be prevented by good management.


Puppies like to explore with their mouths, let's learn how to make sure they chew the right things.

Prevent Toilet Accidents

Toilet training can be really quick and easy with clear simple guidelines.

Prevent Jumping

Jumping up might be cute when your pup is tiny but soon wears thin with a 60kg dog and mucky paws.

Prevent Counter Surfing

Counter surfing can become a favourite past time if you are not careful.

Prevent Pulling

Walking will be an important aspect of your dogs life here is how to prevent pulling.

Prevent Reactivity

Reactivity is how your dog responds to enviromental stimulus, this can be other dogs, squirrels, cats, bikes or joggers.